Teen Patti Cash for andriod free download


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Teen Patti Cash for andriod free download

Teen Patti cash free Android game. You can download this game free from our site. It is an entertaining game. This game started from India. The meaning of teen patti  in English is three card. This game is very popular in India. People of India like this game very much. This game is also popular in world wide.Teen Patti is a simple version of standard  poker. This game can be also played as a live casino game.

 You can also play teen Patti as online game

You can also play teen Patti online to  earn cash. people  play this game for earning purpose because this game  provide some cash points.

 Requirement to install this game

In order to install this game you need a Android version of 4.4 or 4.4 plus .If your mobile phone does not have Android version 4.4 or less than you will be not able to install this game or play this game.

To play this game successfully and win  the game.  And individual must know the ranking of  hands. In simple mean, anybody should know that the card combination for strong hand  and what card combination is loose one.

 Same three card

I hand having 3 same cards for example like three fours or three queen. This is considered the strongest hand.

where is three twos considerd the lowest hand.

In the same manner there are some other rules. If a  player know properly the rules of the games then he can play very good game. If he is not aware of the rules of the game, and also the tips and tricks which are used in this game. If someone does not know, tactics and rules then he cannot play good game and also he will lose interest in this game. If someone know the rules  then I can play very good game.

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Teen Patti Cash for andriod free download

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