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Opera Mini fast web browser free download

Opera mini is  a fast web browser. It work very nice especially, when the internet connection is slow. It is one of the light  weight browser. It is one of the smartest browser. With browsing it can also give you a lot of other features.

Privacy protection

Opera mini offers great privacy  protection. You can search privately with Opera mini browser.  No one be able to track your data. In incognito mode  you can search privately without any problem and your data will be safe from hackers.

News feature

By using Opera mini you will be updated from local and international news. Opera mini provide trending local and international news. With Opera mini you will never miss important news which is in trending  in in the world. Opera mini will suggest you  news channel that can provide latest news around the globe.

Browsing feature

By using Opera mini you can customize your browser according to your needs.  You can customize anything the way you want. This browser provide you a lot of options for your comfort and needs.  You can make changing according to your needs, the way, it is comfortable for you.

Block ads

This browser also provide you an option that you can block annoying ads. If you are fed up of boring ares then you have the option to block ads. Opera mini has  a very good ads blocker.

Data saving option

Opera mini browser has a data saving ability. With this process you can save your a lot of data which will be very beneficial for you. You can use your letter for long time.

Data sharing option

Opera mini browser provide your data sharing option offline. You can share your data offline with anyone you want. It is one of the good feature in this browser. A lot of people want to share data offline with their colleagues or friends, this browser can provide you this facility also and it is very interesting to use data sharing offline without any problem.

Night mode option

Opera mini browser also has a night mode option, through this option, you can change  to night mood to protect your eyes from bright light. It is your good for eyes protection

Search engine option

Through this option you can choose your on favourite search engine.  You can use it as your default search engine.

Offline reading

This browser also has a built-in feature through which you can read offline books and other documents. You cn read it is free of cost,without using mbs.

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